1 - Never     2 - Rarely     3 - Sometimes     4 - Often

I feel a sense of relief when I don't have to be alone. ______
I think any relationship is better than nothing.
If I'm not in a dating relationship, I feel less desirable. ______
I experience a little bit of panic when I think of not having someone to be close to.
The very idea of being alone strikes fear in my heart. ______
I'm tempted to settle for most any relationship because I don't know if I can find anyone better.
In my romantic relationships, I am being selected rather than doing the selecting. ______
When I am dating someone, I feel better about myself.

I don't have a clear idea of the personal qualities I look for in a person to date or even be friends with.    

Quiz Scale
Add the numbers together to get your total score.

1-19: You are very secure in who you are and capable of making wise choices.  This should allow you to have good relationships.

20-29: You're off to a good start in developing your identity and self worth.  You may need to work on creating a whole sense of self that will help you have stronger, healthier relationships.

30-40: A score in this range is a strong indicator of your need to establish a stronger sense of your identity and personal wholeness.  You will want to learn how to move toward wholeness in yourself and in your relationships.

Knowing how to live out sexual integrity takes time, education and experience. 

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